Boost your Health with some amazing Metabolic Foods

Boost your Health with some amazing Metabolic Foods

What is Metabolism:

Metabolism is a complex biochemical process that converts your food into simpler components and drives you, energy for your daily activities. It is a chain of chemical processes that occur in all living organisms and essential for their sustenance. Metabolism includes both anabolic and catabolic reactions to sustain the energy levels in the body. Well, a healthy metabolic system is essential to keep you in good health and state of mind and body as well.

How Metabolism Affects your Health?

Health is not dependent on a skinny body and consuming no calories at all. In fact, you need a balanced diet to keep the body systems running and consuming all the nutrients in the diet. An active metabolic rate is essential for various processes such as digesting food, driving energy, extracting the nutrients, filtration, excretion, etc. There are various factors that affect your metabolism which is as follow:

  • Age and sex
  • Body size and weight according to BMI
  • Genes
  • Hormone levels

A good metabolic system is thus dependent on these factors, and they all contribute to a healthy and active metabolic rate. Greater the metabolic rate, the more will your body be able to produce energy and drive the basic nutrients from your food and will keep you active and healthy. It also depends on your activities too, the more you are active it will push your body to a greater metabolic rate and those who do not consume their energy it will be stored as fats.