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Charlie’s Pet Emporium

The Rescue Procedure

There’s a large pet overpopulation issue, particularly in the countries we pull our puppies from. We’re attempting to do our part by saving as many innocent lives as we can because we feel the need for all pets to enjoy a healthy and wonderful life.

We work together with our rescue spouses all over the world to find these wonderful pets and save them from their scary shelters.

“We fell in love with Charlies Pet Emporium when they were at their temporary location on Peterson Avenue. We would stop in once a week to play with the cats and talk with the staff, eventually coming to the conclusion we need a new family member.”

Carol Singleton

My husband and I adopted our first dog, Crede, after seeing him in the window at Charlies Pet Emporium in the West Loop about three years ago (little did we know Pet Emporium uses that incredible vet clinic for all their rescues — small world.)  We lived in our condo at the time in Uptown, but our dream was to buy a single family home with a yard for Crede to run around in.

Pam Tyler

When we finally made the decision to get a dog, my boyfriend and I knew we wanted to adopt – that was a no brainer. The question, however, was where? Chicago is full of so many amazing shelters that we didn’t know where to begin, so we chose one and went with it. Everyone I knew had told me that when adopting an animal, you just know when you know. After trying two shelters, and meeting with a couple dogs, we just didn’t have that feeling of love that we were desperate for.

Joyce Otterson

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Charlie’s Pet Emporium

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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